Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Virk Breaks Silence on Firing

“Virk says he and his lawyers are seeking to “amicably resolve” his exit from ESPN.”

Adnan Virk has broken his silence regarding his ESPN terminating his employment. In a New York Post story by Andrew Marchand, Virk is quoted as saying “Suffice it to say, that I believe that I did nothing wrong that would justify my termination, and I categorically deny that I leaked any confidential or proprietary information” in a text message.

ESPN accused Virk of leaking proprietary information to Awful Announcing’s Ben Koo regarding the network’s plans for Major League Baseball coverage in 2019. The network says this was done in a premeditated way.

Marchand notes that he has confirmation that Virk was indeed a source on the Awful Announcing story.

The Post has independently confirmed Virk was a source for the story about ESPN’s baseball plans. Ben Koo, the writer on the story, declined to confirm his source.

Andrew Marchand, The New York Post

Virk says he and his lawyers are seeking to “amicably resolve” his exit from ESPN. “I think that, while we are attempting to settle our differences, it is not productive for me to advocate my positions or to assert any affirmative claims in the press.”

Hosting studio shows for college football, college basketball, and Major League Baseball were all part of Virk’s job description at the time of his firing. That kind of visibility generated a lot of fans for the broadcaster and he thanked them for their support and well wishes in the last two weeks.