Mon. May 20th, 2019

The Top 5 Mustaches in Sports Radio

Actor Burt Reynolds died at the age of 82. He played a little football, too as a fullback at Florida State. Knee problems kept him from being a football star, so he became a movie star instead. He was a BIG star. I have always been fascinated with his mustache. I know he hasn’t had it in every role. But it was a signature for him and a damn good mustache.  Let’s have a look at Burt Reynolds’ mustache from Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run:

I want to celebrate his mustache but in a way we can only celebrate it on How? Let’s count down the top five mustaches in the history of sports radio.  My criteria was simple.  Great Mustache and lengthy career in sports radio.  I guess I know a great mustache when I see one. Frankly I’m a little jealous, because I can’t really grow a mustache. 

At #5 is Steve Cofield. Steve hosts the afternoon show “Cofield and Company” on ESPN Radio in Las Vegas. Plus, he also hosts shows for SiriusXM.  Cofield has been a sports radio host for more than 20 years with stops at Sports Fan Radio Network, WBT /Atlanta, Sporting News Radio, and in Las Vegas for the last 15 years at Fox Sports Radio and now ESPN Radio. He tweeted out his epic mustache picture today.

Looks a bit red, but it is a robust mustache. Congrats to Steve for making the list.

Coming in at #4 is Chicago-based sports talk show host Mike Murphy. Murph’s back story is that he was a bleacher bum at Wrigley Field. He parlayed that experience as the “Mad Bugler” in the bleachers into a radio career beginning in 1990 at WLS-AM and continued in 1992 at the Score.  He can now be heard on Saturday’s with Fred Huebner on ESPN Radio, AM 1000 in Chicago. 

Say what you will about his job as a host. You may love him or hate him, but Mike Murphy has an epic Chicago mustache.

Mustache #3 belongs to Danny Clinkscale, who worked at Kansas City’s WHB for 18 years. Clinkscale was a “jack of all trades” at Sportsradio 810. He was a host, reporter, anchor, and did play-by-play for UMKC men’s basketball and Missouri Mavericks ice hockey. He was also the first to call the Kansas City T-Bones’ minor-league baseball games. He has spent part of his career with mustache and more recently without the mustache, but still this is an epic mustache picture. 

He was let go by WHB in May of this year due to downsizing. Wishing Danny the best and thanks for having a great mustache!

Deciding between the 2nd best and the best mustache in sports radio was difficult. Both hosts have had long tenures in major markets. But only one has an epic mustache while the other had a mustache but it was a while back.

Coming in with sports radio mustache #2 is Mike Francesa. Known for his days co-hosting Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN in New York. After a brief retirement, Francesa was re-instated in afternoon drive this year and announced his app as well. He has regularly been ranked as the top sports talk host in America. That’s all well and good, but did you ever see his mustache? Take a look. 

It’s not the most even stache, but hey when you’re Mike Francesa, you can rock the ‘stache however you’d like.

The #1 Mustache in sports radio history has to belong to Dallas’ Norm Hitzges.  Norm Hitzges has been talking sports in Dallas for more than 30 years.  He’s a Texas radio Hall of Famer. He’s been with The Ticket since the year 2000 after 15 years at KLIF. Norm is known for his handicapping acumen—especially around football and horse racing. Here’s the #1 mustache:

Image result for Norm Hitzges

Congratulations to Norm Hitzges and the rest of the top 5 on their long careers and great mustaches!!