Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The Players’ Tribune Acquires Unscriptd

The Players’ Tribune is getting into the video content business. The company has acquired Unscripted, a digital media app that allows athletes to streamline social media and video content. Unscriptd also allows users to integrate sponsor messages into their content.

Jeff Levick, CEO of The Players’ Tribune, told Forbes that the fact that Unscriptd is also focused on how athletes deliver their message to fans made it an ideal candidate for acquisition.

It’s been really challenging to find technology partners who bring that same level of athlete-first sensibility to the businesses they’ve built. For us, this was very much a needle-in-a-haystack acquisition, to be able to find such a like-minded business; we’ve been focused on content, they’ve been focused on technology, and the acquisition has been about quickly bringing those two things together.

Unscriptd was started by a group of former Nike executives. Andre Agassi and his wife and fellow tennis great Steffi Graff were amongst the initial investors. It currently hosts about 2500 users, and while some, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, have large US followings, Unscriptd’s strongest presence is in soccer cricket and Formula One racing.

The Players’ Tribune’s plan for Unscriptd involves a full rebranding. The service will relaunch as The Players’ Post and be used to launch new video content for the company.