Tue. May 21st, 2019

The BSM Top 20 Mid Market Morning Shows of 2018

“Radio executives voted to determine the Top 20 Mid Market Sports Radio Morning Shows of 2018.”

It’s become an annual tradition for BSM to recognize the best in the sports radio format during Super Bowl week. This is our 4th year of publishing the BSM Top 20 series, and as we’ve done each of the past three years, we kick things off by shining the spotlight on the Top 20 Mid Market morning shows of 2018.

Before you scroll to look at the results, there are a few things to be aware of. First, the voting for these awards is done by a large panel of radio executives. We involved fifty one people from thirty cities and thirteen companies this year in our Major and Mid Market voting process. BSM president Jason Barrett does not vote in this process.

Secondly, to create these results, we ask voters to consider the following criteria when judging the format’s best programs. Be advised, each voter values certain things more than others, so we try to gather everyone’s feedback, add it all up, and present a collective snapshot of what industry executives think.

  • Strong ratings in 2018
  • Important show/brand connection with local listeners
  • Exceptional talent and content provided on a consistent basis
  • Finished 2018 with the station and in the morning drive timeslot
  • Points are given for each spot (EX: 20 for 1st, 1 for 20th)

Moving on to the rankings, the panel this year once again placed its full support behind 101 ESPN’s Bernie Miklasz. This was the 3rd straight win for Miklasz. The St. Louis morning host has claimed the top prize every year since the Mid Market category for morning shows was introduced.

Miklasz once again produced strong ratings in morning drive for 101 ESPN. His ability to deliver strong informed opinions, break news, mix it up with Michelle Smallmon, and serve as St. Louis’ most influential sports voice earned the respect of our executive panel, adding another industry honor for Hubbard St. Louis’ morning man.

We congratulate Bernie and Michelle on being recognized as the best in their category, as well as every other program which earned a spot on this year’s list. With that in mind, here are the full results of “BSM’s Top 20 Mid Market Morning Shows of 2018”!

Additional Notes:

  • Bernie Miklasz received the most 1st place votes (11) and was 57 points ahead of runner up Ken Carman and Anthony Lima
  • The closest finishes were Ken Carman and Anthony Lima finishing 5 points ahead of JOX Roundtable and Mike Bianchi’s Open Mike edging Dusty and Cam by 2 points
  • Wes McElroy came in 21st, 9 points behind The Deener Show
  • Spots 22-25 were claimed by Bill & Rookie, Off The Bench, Sharp & Benning and Bucky & Erin

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