Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The BSM Top 20 Major Market Afternoon Shows of 2018

“Radio executives voted to determine the Top 20 Major Market Sports Radio Afternoon Shows of 2018.”

We’ve reached the 3rd day of highlighting the best in the sports radio business. Today’s focus is on the top Major Market Afternoon Shows of 2018, and the results are likely going to generate mixed reactions.

Before you scroll down, there are a few things to be aware of. First, the voting for these awards is done by fifty one radio executives from thirty cities and thirteen companies. BSM president Jason Barrett does not vote. He simply assembles the panel and presents their collective opinions.

Secondly, we ask our voters to consider the following criteria below when judging programs. That said, each voter has different tastes, which makes this a subjective process. No list will ever satisfy every station, show or city, but what makes the BSM Top 20 series unique is that collective snapshot of the sports format’s best shows is decided on by industry executives.

  • Strong ratings in 2018
  • Important show/brand connection with local listeners
  • Exceptional talent and content provided on a consistent basis
  • Finished 2018 with the station and in the afternoon timeslot
  • Points are given for each spot (EX: 20 for 1st, 1 for 20th)

Moving on to the rankings, we have a change at the top. After winning this category the past three years, Mike Francesa of WFAN in New York no longer occupies the top spot. The new leader is The Michael Kay Show of 98.7 ESPN NY.

TMKS struck a chord this year with industry execs for their consistency in afternoons, improved performance, exposure thru TV on the YES Network, and strong talent, content, and chemistry. There may have also been some voter fatigue towards Francesa who had won the past three years and left terrestrial radio last December, but returned in April.

We congratulate Michael, Don, and Peter on being chosen as the best major market afternoon show of 2018, and every other show which gained a spot on this year’s list. With that in mind, here are the full results of “BSM’s Top 20 Major Market Afternoon Shows of 2018”!

Additional Notes:

  • The Michael Kay Show tied with runner up Mike Valenti for the most 1st place votes (8); TMKS earned the most 2nd-5th place votes of any show en route to a 7 point win.
  • The tightest races were between 6-8. Mike Francesa beat The Hardline by 2 points. Dallas’ PM drive show slipped by Mike Missanelli by 3 points. Petros & Money also claimed 11th place by 5 points over McNeil & Parkins.
  • Jon Marks & Ike Reese finished 21st, 7 points behind Steve Czaban. 22-25 went to Sean Salisbury, Chuck & Chernoff, Jorge Sedano and Danny, Dave & Moore.
  • 13 of the 36 afternoon shows eligible for consideration received a 1st place vote