Thu. Apr 25th, 2019
NFL Streaming

Streaming Audiences Are Growing Fastest in NFL

Streaming television viewership continues to rise, and according to a new study from Conviva, nowhere is that audience growing faster than in the NFL. The company, which offers real time measurement for interactive video platforms and streaming services, found that while mobile device viewing for all content grew by 57% in the 3rd quarter of 2018, mobile device viewing for NFL content grew by 95%.

Primetime showed huge growth for pro football. The NFL saw audience views for its primetime games jump by 109% in the 3rd quarter. Hours spent viewing jumped by 97% in the same time frame. Those numbers for all of television are 72% and 83% respectively.

The NFL has to be happy with these numbers considering how slow the league was to catch up to the rest of the sports and general entertainment landscape when it came to streaming content. Since last year, the league has cut deals for streaming London-based games and Thursday Night Football with Amazon, Twitter, and Yahoo. Those deals also represent a new revenue stream which did not exist before.