Tue. Mar 26th, 2019
Jimmy Traina

SI’s Traina Offers 10 Sports Laws for Election Day

Jimmy Traina’s “Traina Thoughts” column at SI.com has a decidedly policy wonk feel to it today. With this being Election Day across the United States, Traina rolled out ten ideas for sports he would like to see enacted into law. Three of them deal directly with the sports media.

Traina suggests a ban on three-man broadcast booths.

No sporting event needs three people calling the action. Two is plenty and always makes for a much more enjoyable broadcast.

Maybe ESPN and would beg to differ. Its NBA A-team is made up of Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson. The company’s Monday Night Football crew features Joe Tessitore, Jason Witten, and Booger McFarland, although given all of the heat the broadcast has taken this year, maybe that one proves Traina’s point.

Next, Traina puts the WWE in his crosshairs declaring that Jim Ross must return to Monday Night Raw.

It will never make any sense that the WWE has access to the Vin Scully of its sport, yet doesn’t use him.

Ross currently is part of the WWE family, but only calls select matches. For the most part, he is focused on his barbecue sauce business and his podcast, The Ross Report.

The final sports media law Traina suggests is an end to blackout rules.

Blackout rules, in this day and age of streaming, is archaic. If you live in New York and pay $300 for NFL Sunday Ticket, you can stream every game except the ones airing on local channels. Why?

The entire proposal includes thoughts on all star games, college football’s rulebook, and when champagne can be used in locker room celebrations. It is well worth your time. You can read the piece here.