Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Sid Rosenberg Enters Francesa/Gio Fight

In what is a somber day for the WFAN morning show, Mike Francesa and Sid Rosenberg shifted some of the focus away from the guilty verdict of former WFAN host Craig Carton.

The newest member of the WFAN morning show, Gregg Giannotti has made a habit of impersonating other FAN employees since joining the program. On Wednesday, Mike called Gio out in an attempt to rekindle a radio war between the WFAN morning and afternoon shows. Francesa said he happened to stumble on the morning show for about an “hour” and didn’t seem to find Giannotti amusing.

“Giannotti, stop with the impersonations of me. I mean, enough already. Get some new material, please,” Francesa said. “No wonder your show stinks. Jeez. Giannotti, I mean, he is short on ability, I’m sorry. I’m sick of the impersonations. I listened to them this morning, they stink.”

When Mike ended his rant, it seemed the battle vs. Giannotti would be put on hold until the morning show had an opportunity for a rebuttal, but Sid Rosenberg, former WFAN talent and current host of the Bernie and Sid Show on WABC saw an opportunity to get involved.

While Francesa will almost assuredly decline any assistance from Rosenberg in a radio fight, Sid still jumped in to support Mike’s talent assessment of Giannotti and add that listeners are leaving WFAN for his WABC show every day. Gio quickly responded to Sid on Twitter citing ratings, which led to a rant from Rosenberg, who many thought could replace Carton on WFAN.

Sid threw the first punch, so it was interesting to see him tell Gio, “I was your friend” and “show some respect,” but Sid is well aware that anytime he gets involved with WFAN drama it provides him with extra attention and listeners the next morning.

At a time where the WFAN morning show is dealing with the fact that their former captain was convicted of a crime which will ultimately see him in land in jail, they can be thankful to Mike Francesa and Sid Rosenberg for attempting to help them get through the day. 

Boomer and Gio do not take criticism too seriously, which continued Thursday as they found humor in the situation. The WFAN morning show remains a united front, and Wednesday evening’s comments from Mike and Sid appeared to serve the program well.