Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

San Diego Media Ponders Future of The Mighty 1090

“Fresh off the Chargers moving to Los Angeles, San Diego is now concerned they could soon be left without The Mighty 1090.”

What’s worse, a city losing their football team or losing the number one sports radio station where fans go to vent about losing their football team?  Fresh off the Chargers moving to Los Angeles, San Diego is now concerned they could soon be left without The Mighty 1090.

On Friday, Ken Leighton from the San Diego Reader reported two stations operated by the Broadcast Company of the Americas were pulled from the air because of a failure to pay rent to their transmitters’ Mexican ownership.  

Broadcast Company of the Americas operates a third station which also has a Mexican based transmitter, San Diego’s sports leader The Mighty 1090.  While 1090 still remains on-air, ownership is reportedly not satisfied with the rent situation and could look for a new leasee.  After the company’s first two operated stations were pulled by ownership, it’s led many people in San Diego to believe The Mighty 1090 could soon be non-existent as well.

Since the San Diego Reader article last Friday, the thought that 1090 could go dark has been a growing topic from listeners on Twitter.  Those listeners are quick to point out the irony in 1090’s failure to pay rent while being very critical of Chargers ownership for being cheap.

Two former hosts from The Mighty 1090 and XTRA 1360, Jeff Dotseth and Dave Palet discussed the situation on their podcast the Dave & Jeff Show.  Palet didn’t reveal his source, but did say he’s heard a pretty strong rumor that 1090 could go off the air by March 2019.

San Diego currently has three sports radio stations, The Mighty 1090 operated by Broadcast Company of Americas, XTRA 1360 owned by iHeartMedia and the recent newcomer, Entercom’s 97.3 The Fan.  If the Broadcast Company of the Americas loses its station, Dotseth and Palet discussed the possibility of 1090 hosts joining 97.3 to give the station a ratings boost. There’s also the possibility of 1090’s ownership selling the station, perhaps to a group like Entercom who could then utilize their talent on The Fan.

The Mighty 1090 has previously been recognized as San Diego’s top rated sports radio station and features a strong lineup of local hosts, many who have been with the station for a lengthy period of time. Though their future is in question at this time, here’s to hoping the Broadcast Company of the Americas can reach an agreement with its Mexican based ownership to keep 1090 serving the city of San Diego.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.