Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Rovell: Action Network Is ‘Buying Me As A Brand’

Darren Rovell confirmed today that he is leaving ESPN for The Action Network in an interview with The Washington Post. His official title with his new employer will be Executive Producer, but it doesn’t seem to have the video element that title might suggest. He will still be reporting for the company, which Rovell says he was interested in joining because of their focus.

ESPN does a great job covering gambling, but winners in spaces today are the ones in the niches, not generalists,” Rovell said in an interview. “People aspire to go to organizations that are specialists. You feel good watching CNBC because all they do is business. All Action does is gambling.

It sounds like The Action Network plans to use Rovell as a promotional tool too. Action Network CEO Patrick Keane called Rovell “a tireless promoter” and said that he hopes Rovell can take gambling talk “into the mainstream.”

That is something Rovell seems more than okay with. He even said that he viewed his hiring as The Action Network investing in a brand.

“They’re buying me as a brand,” Rovell said. “They’re buying a brand with two million Twitter followers. And I’ll be tweeting links to promote everything — the website, the app and my stories.”