Mon. May 27th, 2019

Rangers Radio Voice Releases Book Of Baseball Poetry

Longtime Texas Rangers radio play-by-play announcer, Eric Nadel released a new book.  The Hall-of- Fame broadcaster and Ford C. Frick Award winner certainly has plenty of baseball stories to share, but his latest publication is a book of poems.

In May, Nadel and his radio partner Matt Hicks decided to get creative with their broadcast in what looked to be a lost season for the Rangers, so they began writing and reciting poems.  Each game during the 8th inning, Nadel and Hicks would read a limerick, a five-line poem which follows the rhyme scheme of AABBA.  The following was the limerick read as a tribute to Adrian Beltre near the end of the season.

His dazzling plays come every game.

They’re breathtaking, never the same.

With each Gold Glove miracle.

The proof is empirical.

He’s headed for the Hall of Fame

“We were looking for something at that point to help hold the audience because it looked like the season was not going to be a great one,” Nadel said. “We introduced the Limerick of the Day, and we did that every game from that point on. We read it in the 8th inning in a desperate attempt to hold the audience.”

The limerick craze led to Nadel’s book titled Lim-Eric, which will contain 175 poems, most of which were written by Eric himself, some were contributed by radio listeners.  Local artist Arthur James provided the book’s illustrations and part of the proceeds will go to the Texas Rangers Foundation.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.