Thu. May 23rd, 2019

Portnoy Wants Francesa To Join Him For Pizza Review

“Portnoy estimated the video would garner one million views, adding he plans on being “relentless” in his recruitment of the New York radio icon.”

Barstool founder and president, Dave Portnoy is recruiting WFAN’s Mike Francesa as his next celebrity pizza reviewer.  Portnoy’s ‘one bite’ phenomenon has featured celebrities such as Bryce Harper, Kevin Hart and Scott Van Pelt, among others, many of which were offered up to Barstool, but El Pres has his work cut out for him if he wants Francesa to score a slice.

The idea began last week when a caller asked Francesa if he would consider doing a Barstool pizza review.  Seemingly unaware of what the caller was talking about and probably concerned it was an attempt at a prank call, a snarky Mike asked, “how do you know I eat pizza?”

After his board-op explained the legitimacy of Barstool’s pizza reviews, Francesa said, “That’s something that would bore me to tears, doing pizza reviews.”

Fast forward to Monday when Mike took a second call suggesting he do a pizza review, this time from Barstool’s president, Dave Portnoy.  Francesa’s immediate reaction to Portnoy’s invitation was, “I’ll pass.”

“Dave, really I have no interest in discussing pizza with you,” he told Pres. Ready to hang up on Dave, with his finger on the call-screen, Francesa reminded Portnoy that he’s “been doing this a very long time.”  Mike said he knows what works and what doesn’t work, alluding to pizza reviews being something the public should have no interest in.

But Portnoy wasn’t ready to give up, telling Mike, “you’d be a dream guest, I think we could make a pretty good team.”  Portnoy estimated the video would garner one million views, adding he plans on being “relentless” in his recruitment of the New York radio icon.  Francesa has become a somewhat of a social media star, but generally as a way for people to highlight his on-air mistakes.  

“Call me again we’ll discuss it, send me an invitation, maybe I’ll reconsider,” Francesa said while softening his stance on declining the pizza review offer.  Right after the call, Portnoy tweeted video of the conversation, letting everyone know he wants to eat pizza with Mike.

Francesa has noted on more than one occasion, he’s fond of the Barstool brand, even joining its morning show on the day their SiriusXM channel debuted during his retirement in early 2018.  

If Francesa does join Portnoy for a pizza review, someone should warn Mike decimal points are allowed, because the Sports Pope wouldn’t like being told he gave a “rookie score” by El Pres. 

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.