Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019
Gordon Hayward, sports news headline

Players Tribune & Athletic Collaborate on Series

Gordon Hayward will be the focus of a five-part documentary series. It will be produced by the Players Tribune, but will run on The Athletic. The show is called Gordon Hayward: The Return and will focus on his recovery from a broken leg that ended his first season as a Boston Celtic after only five minutes.

The series is relatively short. Each of the five episodes will run only eight to twelve minutes. New episodes will be posted weekly.

What does this series say about the future of video for both The Players Tribune and The Athletic? Well, for The Players Tribune, the interesting question will be how much they follow this model in the future and produce series which their site will retain distribution and intellectual property rights to, but will live elsewhere. For The Athletic, it will be a test of just how much their audience values video content on a site that was built on the idea of subscribers that still value articles.