Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

PASR77: Cody Stoots – Sports Radio 610



“When you have a job that’s the best time to be looking for a job. You can lay it all out on the line and be aggressive because if it doesn’t work out you can always return to the job you have. You may be disappointed initially but you’re still going to ultimately be in a good spot because you’re doing something you love.” – Cody Stoots

How about being 18, well on your way to a career in business, only to run into “The Godfather” James Brown and decide business wasn’t for you?

Doesn’t sound real, does it? But, that happened to Cody Stoots.

Stoots decided that radio was the path he took, gave himself a deadline by which he needed to be a sports talk host in his native Houston before he decided he’d take a new path.

He got there years in advance.

At 26 years old, Stoots is the driver for a daily midday show on Sports Radio 610 in Houston.

Find out how he got there and a whole lot more on this episode of The PASR.


  • How Cody figured out he wanted to work in sports radio
  • Getting his start at the school radio station as a DJ and Board Op
  • What he gained from the experience and advice he’d pass on to others
  • Giving himself 10 years to reach his destination of hosting in Houston
  • Working his way up on the smaller level and almost landing in Kansas City
  • Catching a break as a weekend anchor and reporter at 610 in Houston
  • Learning from other people’s mistakes and experiences
  • The way he’d describe his on-air personality and style
  • Gaining an interest, appreciation and passion for driving shows
  • The reasons why people tune in for sports talk programming
  • His favorite fun segments on his show that venture beyond sports
  • Growing up an old soul and how it’s helped him overcome age questions
  • How he convinced PD Ryan McCredden to take a chance on him despite being unproven


Cody’s Twitter handle: @Cody_Stoots


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