Wed. Mar 27th, 2019
Paul Tracy

NBC Renews Paul Tracy After Investigation

“NBC declined to tell the paper what its investigation entailed.”

Last month an acquaintance accused NBC IndyCar commentator Paul Tracy of sending racist messages on Facebook. The man, Chris Cunningham, sent screenshots of the messages to the Indianapolis Star, which ran a story about the claims. 

Tracy responded by saying that the messages had come from an imposter account. NBC opened an investigation of its own, and it seems to have reached the same conclusion as Tracy.

The network issued this statement to the Indianapolis Star:

“We conducted a thorough investigation of this matter over the past two months, and given the current evidence have concluded that Paul did not write the offensive post. Per this conclusion, Paul will continue with our team for the upcoming 2019 season.”

NBC declined to tell the paper what its investigation entailed. Tracy released a statement of his own to the paper. It came to the Indianapolis Star through NBC.

Tracy again asserted that the post, while written by an account featuring his name and picture, was not written by him. He also says that he remained in constant communication with NBC from the moment he became aware of the accusations.

NBC’s coverage of the 2019 IndyCar season begins in March.