Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Monday Night Football Games Could Go To ABC

“Monday Night Football has been on cable since 2006.”

Disney wants a better schedule for Monday Night Football and a slot in the Super Bowl rotation. The NFL won’t let the Super Bowl go to cable, so according to The Sports Business Journal, Disney may be willing to move Monday night games back to broadcast television.

Monday Night Football has been on cable since 2006. According to the SBJ report, the NFL views that package as its least desirable group of games because it is on cable. Disney could use ABC as a means of sweetening what it is offered by the league.

Super Bowl XL was the last one to air on ABC. That was 13 years ago, but in recent years Disney has shown a desire to get the NFL brand on its broadcast network. For the last four years ESPN’s playoff game has been simulcast on ABC. The same has been done for the Pro Bowl each of the last two years, and later this year coverage of both the NFL Combine and NFL Draft will air on ABC.

The NFL’s current TV deals expire after the 2022 season. There will be no shortage of outlets hoping to get in on broadcast deals with the league, and it looks like Disney is getting a head start in strengthening its position.