Thu. May 23rd, 2019

Minihane Takes Indefinite Leave From WEEI

Kirk Minihane of WEEI in Boston announced Thursday evening he is taking an “indefinite leave” from co-hosting the popular Kirk & Callahan morning show.

“Still battling mental health issues,” Minihane wrote on Twitter.  Kirk was away from the show for about a week in early August.  Upon his return Minihane informed listeners his absence was due to a stint in the hospital to receive treatment for depression.

“Truth is I came back to work too fast. Wish I could be there with Gerry Callahan, Chris Curtis and Ken Laird – I love those guys very much. I’ll be OK and sorry I’m leaving you all with Mut (Mike Mutnansky),” Minihane added in his Twitter post on Thursday.

When Minihane returned to Kirk & Callahan on Friday August 10th, he detailed on-air what led him to seek help.  On that Friday show, Minihane said he felt better than when he checked into the hospital a week prior, but understood depression and anxiety was something he would continue to deal with.

“The important thing for me is to recognize that I have these down times and tell people right away as opposed to hiding it and hiding it and hiding it,” Minihane said after being treated for depression in August.

“It doesn’t benefit me at all and it all comes from childhood stuff like everything else, I have to figure that out, but right now I feel okay, I feel pretty good, I think I sort of have a temporary high right now because I’ve been able to talk about it.  Two weeks from now, three weeks from now, I’m sure I won’t feel great for a while and I just have to be honest about it.”

Exactly four weeks after acknowledging he has to be honest and get help when he needs it, Minihane will do just that.  The news comes just hours after the Kirk & Callahan show Twitter handle posted, “Thanks for making Kirk & Callahan Boston’s #1 morning show among men 25-54 in August!”

Credit Kirk for his willingness to be open about his situation.  Hopefully he’s able to recover and return soon to co-host WEEI’s successful morning show. BSM wishes him well in his recovery.