Mon. May 27th, 2019

Mike North Joining ESPN 1000 For Weekly Show

“North will co-host The Odd Couple with Carmen DeFalco of ESPN 1000’s midday show every Friday from 6 – 7pm.”

The legalization of sports wagering has lured a Chicago radio icon out of retirement.  Former hot dog truck owner and longtime host on Chicago’s 670 The Score, Mike North will join ESPN 1000 for a new weekly show, set to debut on March 8th.

Earlier this year, 670 launched a weekly sports betting show hosted by Joe Ostrowski, in keeping up with The Score, rival ESPN 1000 Chicago will now debut one of their own.  North will co-host The Odd Couple with Carmen DeFalco of ESPN 1000’s midday show every Friday from 6 – 7pm.

“As sports betting moves from the shadows to the spotlight, we expect to be a destination for those who participate and those who want to be entertained,” said VP and GM of ESPN 1000, Jim Pastor.  “This isn’t only going to be about updated betting lines and hot tips. It’s about the highs, the lows and how to succeed and have fun whether you’re a grizzled veteran or a newcomer to sports betting.”

During his legendary radio career, North worked his way up from owning a hot dog stand to earning seven-figures annually talking sports.  The at times controversial host spent 17-years with 670 The Score, helping to launch the all-sports radio format in Chicago.  North departed The Score in 2008, embarking on several other media ventures including Fox Sports Radio, television and podcasts.  The Chicago native announced his retirement from the industry in 2017, but North has continued to handicap sports.

“I started handicapping at age 14 and lost for 40 years, but haven’t had a losing year in the last five.  You are judged by your picks and wins, and that’s why this show will be number one.  I’ve always said gambling and winning is about believing and confidence.  Scared money has no home,” North said about his new show.

“Those in betting circles already know of Mike’s incredible track record as a long-time gambling expert,” Pastor added.  “Bringing Mike back to Chicago’s airwaves to become a lead voice in local sports betting was too good to pass up.  Pairing him with ESPN 1000’s resident gambling guru, Carmen DeFalco, was a no brainer.”

DeFalco, the proclaimed “gambling guru,” can be heard weekdays on ESPN 1000’s midday show Carmen and Jurko from noon – 2pm, with his co-host John Jurkovich.  DeFalco’s new show with North, The Odd Couple will launch its first episode this Friday, March 8th.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.