Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Mariotti and Paige To Reunite on Unmuted Podcast

The emerging genre of sports podcasting will be rocked starting January 3rd, when TV debate adversaries Woody Paige and Jay Mariotti reunite on “Unmuted: The Daily Sports Podcast.’’

“Unmuted’’ is unique in the media industry as a daily, 30-minute podcast that features Paige and Mariotti, the founding stars of ESPN’s “Around The Horn’’ for eight years, dissecting and wrangling over the day’s sports topics in their unique style. Both have been among America’s premier columnists and commentators for decades and were instrumental in establishing “Around the Horn’’ as a daily afternoon mainstay for millions of sports fans.

“Love the name of the show — and not just because I came up with it,’’ said Mariotti, based in Los Angeles. “It means there are no filters, no mute buttons, no PC police, just honest and smart sports discussions in the current climate of fake news, trashy websites and corporate sanitizing. This is going to be a blast, going at it with Woody again. We were drawing about a million viewers some afternoons on ATH. Someone was watching, apparently.’’

Said Paige, who continues to appear on “Around the Horn’’ in addition to his column duties at The Gazette in his beloved Colorado: “One of the greatest joys of my life for more than a decade on ESPN was debating with, discussing with and, mostly, arguing with Jay Mariotti about all sports. I’m thrilled that Jay and I will resume bantering and bickering, being serious and having fun, on our daily podcast — unedited, unencumbered, unplugged and, yes, unmuted. Gives me something to live for and look forward to.’’

“Unmuted’’ is produced mornings, Monday through Friday, with Mariotti in Los Angeles and Paige in Denver. The podcast is available on download sites including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, audioBoom and Stitcher. It will be featured at Paige’s multimedia website,, and also can be found at

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