Mon. May 20th, 2019

Kyle Wagner To Lead Daily News Sports Department

Eric Barrow was laid off as sports editor at The New York Daily News yesterday. In an email to his staff obtained by The New York Post’s Keith J. Kelly, Barrow said that he was told his position was being eliminated.

At the time the news made sense. The Daily News went through a round of massive layoffs over the summer. It left the paper with one beat writer to cover both New York’s Major League Baseball teams.

Turns out though, that news isn’t exactly true. There will not be a traditional sports editor at the paper, but the sports department does have a new leader. The new position is called the Director of Digital Audience Development for Sports and it will be filled by former Five Thirty Eight senior editor and Deadspin contributor Kyle Wagner.

The title suggests that the sports department will have a digital focus moving forward, but a specific job description for Wagner has not been made public.