Tue. May 21st, 2019

KSE Radio Ventures Expands Altitude Sports Radio

KSE Radio Ventures are expanding their sports radio offerings just ahead of the upcoming Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets seasons. Starting September 17th, the company will elevate the Denver sports radio experience by offering live and local programming on the FM dial at 92.5, and the best national content from FOX Sports Radio on 950 AM.

The upcoming changes will also benefit Avalanche, Nuggets, and Colorado Rapids fans. All three franchises will have their games heard loud and clear on 92.5 FM. Select games may also be carried on 950 AM.

“Our new FM and AM approach to Denver sports radio will serve fans of local teams as well as sports fans of teams throughout the country,” said KSE Radio’s SVP & GM Brenda Egger. “Denver sports fans, no matter their history and alliances, will be well-served by our two-station approach that includes the best local and national play-by-play and sports talk.”

The forthcoming changes will provide Denver sports radio listeners with an opportunity to further enjoy Altitude’s popular local personalities Vic Lombardi, Scott Hastings, Julie Browman, Marc Moser, Nate Kreckman, and Ryan Harris on the FM dial. It also paves the way for local fans to hear Fox Sports Radio’s Colin Cowherd, Dan Patrick, JT the Brick, and others on the AM dial. Altitude has also announced plans to expand regional offerings of college and high school sports.

“Whether your favorite sports team is local or based outside of Colorado, Altitude 92.5 FM and Altitude AM 950 have you covered,” said Altitude Sports Radio Program Director Dave Tepper. “Altitude Sports Radio’s new two-platform delivery is the perfect blend of local and national sports radio.”