Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Jay Barker Debuts New Syndicated Mid Day Show

Former Alabama quarterback and husband of country music star Sara Evans, Jay Barker returned to the airwaves.  The Jay Barker Show with Lars Anderson launched Tuesday, August 28th on a 10-station network with Townsquare Media sports “Tide 102.9” WTID Tuscaloosa, AL, serving as the flagship station.

Barker, who quarterbacked Alabama to a National Championship in 1992, previously hosted The Opening Drive on WJOX in Birmingham dating back to 2001, until the station made lineup changes last March.

“I love being around it,” Barker told Creg Stephenson of AL.com regarding his return to radio.  “I love being able to talk to coaches and former players and current players, and I also wanted to get back to Tuscaloosa and re-connect there.

“But we’re going to be on stations all the way from up in Nashville all the way down to the Gulf Coast.  It will be the biggest network I’ve ever been on, so it’s going to be pretty amazing.”

Barker’s new co-host, Lars Anderson, currently writes for The Athletic after a 20-year tenure with Sports Illustrated.  “Jay’s the quarterback, I’m the reporter. It’s my job to get information out of Jay that he might not even know he possesses, just what it’s like to be a quarterback at Alabama or ‘this is what quarterbacks go through’ and try to keep it as general as possible,” said Anderson.

Joining Barker and Anderson will be producer Kerry Adams.  Adams produced Barker’s show on WJOX for five years, having also worked on Paul Finebaum’s program for a decade, prior to Finebaum moving to ESPN.

“This is something Lars and I started talking about probably a year-and-a-half ago or more,” Barker told AL.com. “We talked about doing a show together. I had wanted to move to mid-days for a while as my kids were getting older; that would fit my schedule better. And I started talking to Lars and Kerry about it and we were able to make it happen. Once we left JOX, we started putting it together, how we would do a show together.”

The Jay Barker Show with Lars Anderson airs weekdays from noon-2pm, a timeslot that had been a void for Tide 102.9 since Aaron Suttles departed for Barker’s old station, WJOX during their retooling last March.

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