Thu. Apr 25th, 2019
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Jason Witten Acknowledges Broadcasting Flaws

In a recent media call featuring the cast of ESPN’s Monday Night Football analyst Jason Witten acknowledged that he hasn’t had a great season. The former Cowboys’ tight end and his verbal gaffes have been the subject of criticism and ridicule from some. Witten says he is as aware of the mistakes as anyone else.

Yeah, there have been some flubs. I’ve made mistakes. You try to own it. You embrace it. Hell, I’m not perfect. I’ve certainly had my fair share of mistakes on live television. More than anything else, you try to embrace it. You laugh at it. You smile at it,

To his credit, Witten hasn’t been resistant to the criticism. He even poked fun at himself earlier this year for his “Aaron Rodgers pulled a rabbit out of his head” comment.

“It’s a transition. I try not to take it too serious. I really try to embrace it and focus on improving. I understood when I took this job it was going to be hard,” Witten said. He acknowledged the instant success of his former teammate and friend Tony Romo has not made the transition any easier.