Thu. Apr 25th, 2019
Ian Rapoport and Son

Ian Rapoport’s Son Becomes Star of Dez Bryant Report

Ian Rapoport broke the news of the New Orleans Saints signing Dez Bryant yesterday. After Tweeting the news to his followers, he was scheduled to join NFL Network for its breaking news coverage of the transaction.

Rapoport works out of his home, with a broadcast setup in his office. Usually it is perfect, but his son Jude happened to be home sick from school yesterday and decided to crash the broadcast.

Sean Keely of Awful Announcing says that Rapoport’s NFL Network compatriots are to be commended for the way they handled the unexpected interruption.

Rather than veering away from the fun, kudos to host Will Selva and the rest of the crew for not only laughing but encouraging Rap to just bite the bullet and bring his kid fully into the proceedings. Plus, the professional that he is, the whole affair barely knocks Rapoport off his game as he explains the contract deal and what this could mean for the Saints as they push for a return to the Super Bowl.