Thu. May 23rd, 2019

Grant Wahl to be Featured in FS1’s World Cup Coverage

Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl  has been covering the World Cup for the last 20 years. For the upcoming event in Russia though, his schedule is going to be very different. In addition to duties for his regular employer, Grant Wahl will also be featured on FS1’s nightly recap show.

The FS1 assignment, combined with the lack of Team USA in the 2018 event means that Wahl will get to stay in one place throughout the duration of the World Cup. He told Awful Announcing that that is a change he welcomes.

I get to stay in the same bed the whole time. The less I’m traveling around, the more time I have to work. In Brazil, I was on these 2 a.m. flights to the next U.S. game. And that’s not the case here.

Working with Fox Sports is nothing new for Grant Wahl. He has covered major soccer events for the network going back to Euro 2012. He says that working for the US TV rights holder for Russia 2018 will make his job easier. He described his truly awful routine after each US Soccer match in Brazil 2014.

What I would do after every game is— and I was also doing it for Sports Illustrated— I would go to the postgame press conference, I would go to the postgame mix zone where you’d interview players, and I would literally run out to this agreed upon area 15 minutes away where we would shoot for Fox.

For Sports Illustrated, Wahl will write about the biggest matches and record a daily podcast with his colleague Brian Straus. Wahl will also be featured on NPR during the event.

Coverage of the 2018 World Cup begins June 14th with the host nation taking on Saudi Arabia and runs through the tournament final on July 15.

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