Mon. May 27th, 2019

GB Reporter Shares Name With Former Trump Attorney

“Richard Deitsch asked his colleague to write about that experience in this week’s “Media Circus” column.”

If you follow the news at all, you are familiar with the name Michael Cohen. The most famous man with that name spent last week testifying to Congress about the illicit dealing of Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. A man who covers the Green Bay Packers for The Athletic shares the same name, and has apparently been getting some nasty tweets intended for the more infamous Cohen.

Richard Deitsch asked his colleague to write about that experience in this week’s “Media Circus” column.

Cohen begins the piece by writing that his mother almost named him Matthew. She now regrets the frustration her ultimate decision has caused.

Ultimately, the Packers reporter has found many of the mistaken interactions to be funny. “One asked how Trump and I will decide who gets top and bottom bunk in prison. Several mocked my apparent connections to porn stars.”

The repeated cases of mistaken identity even led to an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Cohen says that his colleagues have been having fun with the tweets in recent weeks, particularly last Wednesday when Trump’s former attorney was testifying in front of Congress while the Packers reporter was Tweeting from the NFL Scouting Combine and still receiving messages clearly meant for the other Michael Cohen.

“Testify in front of Congress all day, write Packers stories at night. You’re amazing,” wrote @PZ88. “Screw over the country and then hide away as a Packers beat writer. Nice going Michael Cohen,” said @roggofflaw. “Not able to watch today, but it sounds like your testimony is lit,” wrote @HerringtonNBA. 

“I found it to be fairly amusing. Now that I know it’s coming, I enjoy getting a laugh from the more creative tweets.”

Michael Cohen, The Athletic

For the record, the Twitter handle for the Michael Cohen that used to serve as Donald Trump’s lawyer is @MichaelCohen212. The Athletic’s Packers reporter can be found on Twitter at @Michael_Cohen13.