Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Francesa & Eisen Face Fox Changes

Colin Cowherd will be on from 12-3pm on Fox Sports Radio, Fox has announced. As author Jim Miller reported, Cowherd debuts September 3rd on FS1’s Michigan-Utah pregame, and his new radio show begins September 8th. He’ll also be part of a pre-pre-game show on Fox NFL Sundays. The radio show announcement has a definite ripple effect for Mike Francesa’s program, and a possible one for Rich Eisen’s.

As SI’s Richard Deitsch passed along, Cowherd’s simulcast will supplant Francesa, who is moving to FS2 for the short-term, on FS1. It’s reasonable to suspect the Pope may be out of Fox entirely on a relatively short time horizon.

Francesa and Fox have had an unhappy marriage almost from the get-go, which remained public, and this domino felt like a formality the moment it became apparent Cowherd was joining the network. Whether Francesa stays on FS2 for awhile or goes somewhere else remains to be seen, though it wouldn’t be surprising if he landed at MSG, which has been in the bidding before. (Mostly irrelevant sidenote: I’d selfishly way rather have Mike on FS2 sometimes than MSG all the time, because the latter isn’t included in my Chicago cable package. Keep me in your prayers.)

How Francesa gets along with CBS in the next year or two warrants watching. He hasn’t had especially nice things to say about them in recent months. Anything that could facilitate a reunion with Mad Dog is what everybody should be rooting the hardest for. That tandem remains sorely missed. We should start a White House petition.

It hasn’t been made clear to us exactly what is happening with Rich Eisen’s show, which currently occupies the national 12-3pm slot on Fox Sports radio. Possibilities include remaining on some or most terrestrial affiliates over Cowherd (unlikely in the long-term), moving to another time slot, or being off Fox Sports Radio — which are distributed by Premiere Networks — and remaining at the same time, while staying on Sirius, DirecTV, and Podcast One. A Fox Sports spokesman declined to comment.

Credit to the Big Lead who originally published this article.