Thu. May 23rd, 2019
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Fox To Release 2 Sports Betting Apps

This week, in an unprecedented but not entirely unexpected move, FOX Sports announced a plan to launch a sports gambling app.

Made possible through the network’s partnership with The Stars Group,  Fox will apparently have two different products.  The first will host free, nationwide games that will award participants who correctly predict scores and outcomes of certain games.  This model can be compared to HQ Trivia – in that anyone can compete without any financial risk.  

The second app will be designed for actual sports gambling – with lines, odds and payouts.  This product will be released as “Fox Bet.”

“FOX Sports is already synonymous with the best live sports events in the country and now we are expanding the way we immerse fans in the sports culture they love,” described FOX Sports CEO Eric Shanks.

Fox Bet will be designed to only take bets in states that allow sports gambling.