Mon. May 27th, 2019

Fans Select New Goal Call For Mike Lange

“This was the second time Lange ran a contest, adding “shave my face with a rusty razor” to his catalog 25 years ago after receiving mail-in submissions.”

Mike Lange, the iconic Pittsburgh Penguins play-by-play voice, known for his extensive repertoire of funny, colorful and at times head scratching goal calls, unveiled a new one Tuesday night.

71-year old Lange and the Penguins ran a social media contest for a fan to select the announcer’s newest goal call.  Earlier this week Lange sorted through thousands of entries and posted his five favorites on Twitter.

Buy me a banjo in Biloxi!

Make my donkey dance!

Hey! Who stole my pickle?

Get the boat ready, Bourquey! We’re headed to Bogota!

Give that tiger a bath!

Each of the five choices fit right in as a “Lange-ism” which has featured popular goal calls such as, “slap me silly Sidney,” “he’s smiling like a butcher’s dog” and “scratch my back Hacksaw!”

The five fans selected as finalists were given all-access passes to Tuesday night’s Penguins game at PPG Paints Arena.  They didn’t get to hear Lange’s winning radio call of, “buy me a banjo in Biloxi!” which was unveiled during the second period after Jake Guentzel put the puck in the net.  They were, however, aware of the chosen Lange-ism after the iconic broadcaster announced his selection on Twitter Tuesday afternoon.

This was the second time Lange ran a contest, adding “shave my face with a rusty razor” to his catalog 25 years ago after receiving mail-in submissions.  The Penguins radio voice told the team website he’s always accepted and saved goal call suggestions from fans.

“It’s just something that’s ongoing, has been ever since I’ve been here with the people approaching me and asking me, ‘Do you think this one’s all right?'” Lange told the website. “And as I’ve always said, I take everything under consideration. It’s been a great ride with the people and I’ve enjoyed it, and I think that they have fun with it, too.”

Lange has been a play-by-play announcer for the Pengiuns for more than four-decades, calling his first game in 1974.  From 1976-2006, Lange never missed a game as their lead TV and radio voice.  The iconic broadcaster transitioned solely to the Pittsburgh Penguins Radio Network in 2006 where 105.9 The X, an alternative rock station has served as their flagship affiliate.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.