Thu. Apr 25th, 2019
Washington DC

DC Sports Site Merges With NBC Sports Washington

Earlier this year Sports Capital launched as a subscription-based sports section for Washington, DC sports fans. Todd Dybas, Ben Standig, and Brian McNally, the writers behind Sports Capital, beat The Athletic to the market by more than six months. Sports Capital has bailed on the fight though.

McNally revealed to subscribers in a post on the Sports Capital website that the three writers are taking their talents to NBC Sports Washington.

The support from local sports fans has been tremendous and sincerely we hope we’ve lived up to that promise. This site was a labor of love for us and intended to be another option for local sports fans. But recently job offers have come our way from NBC Sports Washington as a result of our work here, and we can’t in good conscience pass them up. The three of us will be joining NBCSW. The Sports Capitol will shut down effective today. All you members: keep an eye out for refunds coming your way.

By all accounts, Sports Capital was a growing business. It saw the highest traffic of its short existence in September. This seems like “a golden opportunity we could not have foreseen happened to come our way” just as McNally described.

NBC Sports is ramping up its regional sports coverage with the launch of their new My Teams app, so the company certainly needs to staff up to make the app a viable competitor in the markets where NBC owns a regional sports network. Ben Standig is being added to the app’s Wizards coverage, Todd Dybas will cover the Capitals, and McNally will be on the Nationals beat. All three will also contribute to coverage of the Redskins.