Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Dave Greene’s Best Columns of 2018

“BSM Columnist Dave Greene reflects back on some of his favorite columns from the past year.”

Looking back on the columns I’ve written this year, I saw a few that stood out as ones that I really enjoyed writing as well as ones that received the most feedback:

Back in January I wrote this piece about what is happening with television and how that message is getting out to the advertising community. Here we are almost a year later and while it remains a hot topic, and there has been more negative press for the television industry, it is still not as prominent of a narrative as we’d like it to be.  A part of that could be that there was so much political money spent on television that helped mask a big problem.  2019 seems primed for a large decline in television revenues and the stories always follow the money.  As I wrote in the column though, it is still our job as an industry to be the ones leading the conversation about how well radio has maintained its audience while television continues its nosedive.

In June I asked what was wrong with all of us in this column  I had several people reach out and tell me they shared my opinion (and a few who said their spouse felt the same way mine does!).  As our jobs seemingly get more and more challenging, it becomes more clear that the answer to this is: both.  We are passionate about this industry, to the point of sickness!

In August I wrote a piece which was more of a response to an article that appeared in the New York Times  I still can’t figure out how or why sports radio reaching a male audience was a story in 2018, but I could only conclude that it’s our fault.  Too many people (IE decision makers) apparently don’t know about the incredible strengths of our format or the connection we have with the listeners.  More reason, of course, for us to be tooting our own horns any and every chance we get!

I was fairly surprised at the amount of response I received when I wrote this column later in August  The week I wrote this I had been in a couple of meetings, one with an Account Executive and another with a client, where I saw some really bad body language.  I remember being really distracted during both meetings by how poorly they came across just simply based on the body language.  Several people who read this, mentioned tips they had received in the past about remembering to smile and what to do with nervous hands and things like that where they were very conscious of how important body language was in the sales process.

Without question the most feedback I received on a column this year was this one where I wrote a letter to myself on my first day in sports radio sales. I had some really fun discussions with people about what they wanted to include in their own letter and what they could have “done then with what they know now!”  It’s always fun to look back in hindsight and think about things you did while you were learning and an up and comer.  It helps remind us where we came from and how hard we have worked to get where we are now.