Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

Dan Sileo Exits The Mighty 1090 in San Diego

Morning host Dan Sileo has announced via Facebook that he’s leaving The Mighty 1090 in San Diego. Sileo had been with the radio station since February 2014 after spending the majority of his career in Florida working in Tampa for WDAE, in Miami for WQAM and in Orlando for 740 The Team and NewsRadio 540 WFLA. Sileo also spent a few years earlier in his career in San Francisco with KNBR 680 and 1050 and FOX Sports Radio.

In a video posted on Sileo’s page he thanked the Mighty 1090 for providing his career a boost a few years ago after going thru a difficult period in Miami at WQAM. He said a new opportunity had been presented which he couldn’t turn down and out of respect for his new employer he’s unable to share his future plans. He did though say that an upcoming announcement would be made soon and that the new job would be in San Diego. Sileo also added that he signed a 3-year deal with the new station and the plan is for the new brand to be built around his show.

Now that Sileo has confirmed his departure, it leaves 1090 in a situation where they have to determine their best course of action moving forward in mornings. Local competitor XTRA 1360 could gain additional listeners in the short-term with 1090 having a hole in mornings but with a pending competitor working on a plan to compete for San Diego sports radio listeners and advertisers, that gives 1360 something much bigger to worry about.

The only questions left to answer now are, which station will Sileo appear on and how soon will they begin broadcasting sports radio in San Diego?

8 thoughts on “Dan Sileo Exits The Mighty 1090 in San Diego

  1. Coach was weak. He’s a nice guy but a lousy radio host. Sileo was unpolished but brought a unique perspective.

  2. I think that 1090 should bring back the older men of talk sports radio. They are more interesting and not full of themselves and not so crass with their language. Dumb nuts with BR probably makes them more money but is a pain to hear. The afternoon couple is good as long as the lady gets more time, the lady with BR is good to listen to, the Coach would be good to come back along with Hacksaw. Sileo was smart to get out when he was on top and to do it cleanly and not like dumbnuts did with BR a few years ago, getting fired for good reasons and should not have been brought back.

  3. Thank God. Can not stand that guy. The combination of him coming in and the Coach leaving was terrible. Good riddance.

    How many Jimmy Johnson stories can anyone take?

  4. Lifelong Cowboys fan, so I really enjoyed listening to Dan Sileo every morning with all the Cowboy and Jimmy Johnson stories!!!. He was nuts, loud, his roots,sometimes goofy, but I thought always professional and entertaining!!!. He will be missed, but I wish him nothing but the best in his new job. Honestly don’t know if I can wake up to Hacksaw every morning. Dan and the Cowboys ROCK!!!

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