Tue. May 21st, 2019

Dan Le Batard Show Reacts to Debut of High Noon

Monday was the long awaited premiere of High Noon (9am Pacific), yes that is the full official name of the new fast-paced debate show on ESPN, hosted by Bomani Jones and Pablo S. Torre. Shortly after noon ET, I tuned into the The Dan Le Batard Show surprised to hear Jones and Torre on ESPN radio.

High Noon (9am Pacific) premiered during the popular sports radio show that prides itself on not talking sports and Le Batard threw to the new ESPN program, playing its first ten minutes live on the radio. It’s not uncommon for a radio show to pick up the broadcast of breaking news, a press conference or play by play for a relevant game in-progress, but I was not expecting to hear High Noon (9am Pacific).

I stuck with the program because I had interest in High Noon and was curious if simulcasting the first segment was by the request of management, or Le Batard’s choice. ESPN 3 will also broadcast Le Batard watching and reacting to Wednesday night’s NBA Finals Game 3. Having Le Batard’s radio audience listen to him watch and react to the debut of the network’s new show could have been a way to promote both High Noon and Dan’s upcoming ESPN 3 appearance simultaneously.

What ensued was a break from standard sports talk, which listeners expect from The Dan Le Batard Show, and entertaining content from their reaction to High Noon (9 am Pacific). After their decision to break away from the television show, Stugotz referenced the pace at which Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre conducted the program, commenting, “They went 18 minutes…no commercials, did anyone breath?”

“It’s going to have more words per minute than any show in history,” Le Batard added.

The Dan Le Batard Show continued to discuss High Noon’s  unique and creative imaging, along with the different camera angles and sound, which until I watched the full show, I was unsure if the constant background music was something the Le Batard show was playing or if it was a part of High Noon. Turns out it was part of High Noon and one of the few elements that received complaints from the audience. I planned on checking out the debut episode at some point this week, but listening to the Le Batard show describe it as having the appearance of a Quentin Tarantino directed production, convinced me to prioritize watching it Monday afternoon.

Le Batard takes pride in the inimitability of his program, being a sports radio show that doesn’t need to talk sports and has become a parody of the traditional sports talk format. Writing about a sports radio show which was talking about a sports television show, I’m not sure if that fits into the parody Le Batard tries to portray, or the chain reaction of sports and media coverage in 2018 he attempts to avoid, either way the segment led me to check out High Noon.

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