Thu. Apr 25th, 2019
Katie Nolan

Cris Carter Booking Led to Katie Nolan’s Fox Exit

Katie Nolan is the subject of a profile for GQ. In it, she talks about an incident at Super Bowl 51 that led her to decide it was time to move on from Fox.

I think that I’m so worried that someone else that isn’t as invested in this as I am is going to touch it and fuck it up and they’ll just go, Whoops, and go on to their next thing. So I am so protective of all my things. I could have moved [Garbage Time] out to LA, could have grown it to an hour daily show on FS1. Right before I left I went to the Super Bowl and we did my show live, an hour daily from the Super Bowl.

Before we got out there, I said, “Look, we’re booking a panel of people to be on this show with me. They need to be people that understand what this show is. I don’t want you to get me big name athletes that have no idea who I am or what I do. They’re just going to be confused and it’s not going to work on the show. I also don’t want you to get me a panel of people that all work at Fox. Those are my only two things. I will do whatever else.”

The night before the first show live from the Super Bowl they were like, “Such and such missed his flight. So the first show is going to be you, Nick Wright, Cris Carter, two FS1 personalities”—and then a girl I had booked, Sarah Tiana, a very funny comedian. I was like, “Okay, this is going to be a disaster.” They were like, “It’s gonna be fine.”

Cris Carter brings up Deflategate. I’m like, okay so now I either have to, out of respect for him, let him talk about this on my show or be like, “It’s my show. Shut up Cris.” So I chose the second option. We got into it. It was a mess. It wasn’t good TV.

This all occurred as Nolan and Fox were in a standoff over a new deal. Fox wanted her to sign an extension before they developed a new show for her. She wanted the new show developed before she agreed to anything.

Nolan is quick to point out that Carter himself had nothing to do with her leaving Fox. It was what the network booking Carter as her first guest of her Super Bowl week of shows told her about the level of attention paid to what she did well.

I wasn’t mad at him, I was mad at the network. Like, “I told you. I know this show better than anyone else. Cris Carter is incredible, but he will not work on this show. It’s not going to work for him.” They didn’t listen. So that was the moment that I was like, I’m not coming back to Fox.

Katie Nolan is now part of the ESPN family, where she hosts her podcast Sports? with Katie Nolan, a weekly show for ESPN+ called Always Late with Katie Nolan and contributes to SportsCenter on SnapChat. She has also been used in special event coverage, like the company’s megacast of the College Football Playoff National Championship Game.