Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Clippers Enhance CourtVision With AWS Partnership

The NBA has been at the forefront of using digital technology to give its fans new ways to enjoy the game. Now the Los Angeles Clippers will be using Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) in an effort to improve NBA’s CourtVision.

CourtVision debuted at the beginning of the season as a second screen experience for fans that displays analytical data and graphics to accompany the game on the court. The program is spearheaded by Second Spectrum, the official analytics partner of the NBA. The Clippers organization is bringing AWS to work with Second Spectrum for Clippers CourtVision to improve the rate at which the artificial intelligence programs can learn, interpret and relay analytical data during live games.

“Innovation only happens when big vision is integrated with technological capabilities to bring that vision to life,” said Clippers chief global partnerships officer Scott Sonnenberg. “Ultimately, we believe this technology powered by AWS will drive a revolution in the broadcast experience that translates Second Spectrum’s cutting edge machine learning and augmented reality to all sports, so that fans can watch their game, their way.”

The NBA and ESPN announced they’ll be using Second Spectrum in a similar vein for Full Court Press beginning in March.

Time will tell if the Clippers relationship with AWS will spread into the NBA’s Full Court Press deal with ESPN as well.