Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Clay Travis Returns to 104.5 the Zone

Fox Sports Radio’s Outkick the Coverage with host Clay Travis returns to its original affiliate 104.5 The Zone in Nashville starting Monday morning, August 20th.

“We’re excited to add Clay Travis back to the Zone lineup, as his presence in Nashville, and his perspective on sports across the nation, is one that our listeners have enjoyed for many years,” PD Brad Willis said.

In July, Travis signed a three-year extension with Premiere Networks to keep Outkick the Coverage in the leadoff spot for Fox Sports Radio affiliates.  Now heard on more than 300 radio stations around the country, 104.5 The Zone in Nashville is where Travis hosted local shows prior to becoming nationally syndicated.

Travis returns to 104.5 The Zone after spending almost two years on conservative news station 1510 WLAC in Nashville.  At the time it seemed like an interesting move for Outkick the Coverage to go from a sports affiliate to a news station in his hometown, but Travis never hesitates to bring politics into his show and WLAC carried the full program daily as opposed to 104.5 The Zone broadcasting only the first hour.

Outkick the Coverage was broadcast on WLAC from 5-8am CT each morning, with its return to The Zone, Travis’ show will go back to having only the first hour heard on terrestrial radio in Nashville.  The Zone will broadcast Outkick the Coverage from 5-6am CT each weekday as a lead-in to their 4-hour morning show, Wake Up Zone.  The one hour of Outkick the Coverage replaces Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio.

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