Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Clay Travis Named First Recipient of The Tony Bruno Award

“FOX Sports Radio’s morning host to be recognized for his unique, unfiltered, and unafraid approach to national sports radio.”

Over the past three decades, Tony Bruno occupied prime real estate on three national sports radio networks. From ESPN Radio to FOX Sports Radio to Sporting News Radio, Bruno made his mark on the national stage by providing a mixture of sports and guy talk, and delivering razor sharp opinions and unfiltered commentaries. It was his unique, unafraid, and unfiltered approach which helped him strike a chord with sports radio audiences, and earn a special place among members of the sports radio community.

Bruno’s impact on the business convinced Barrett Sports Media to create an annual award in his honor. The company revealed in September “The Tony Bruno Award” would be introduced at the 2019 BSM Summit at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on February 21-22, 2019. To celebrate the occasion, Bruno will be in attendance for the BSM Summit to thank members of the sports format for their continued support.

Presented to the individual who currently hosts on the national stage and exemplifies an ability to cut thru by displaying a unique, unafraid, and unfiltered approach, there were numerous options to choose from. But there can only be one winner, and this year’s recipient of The Tony Bruno Award is none other than FOX Sports Radio morning host and Outkick The Coverage creator Clay Travis. 

Since bursting on to the national stage in September 2016, Travis has provided a jolt to FOX Sports Radio’s morning timeslot. His show has grown to 300 affiliates due in part to his take no prisoners approach. He’s shown an ability to create a stir on social media by taking on controversial subjects and high profile brands and personalities, in addition to authoring the book ‘Republicans Buy Sneakers Too‘. Showing a propensity to expand his brand, Clay also joined the cast of FOX Sports 1’s sports betting show ‘Lock It In‘, and his Outkick The Show podcast remains one of the top performers on the iTunes charts.

“When you think of national personalities who are cutting thru by delivering a unique, unfiltered, and unafraid presentation, few fit the description better than Clay Travis,” said Barrett Sports Media President Jason Barrett. “Considering how Tony Bruno distinguished himself from others during his career by embracing similar traits, it’s a pleasure to pass the baton to Clay who not only epitomizes the award, but is leading the charge to keep national sports radio interesting and entertaining.”

Upon learning he had been selected to receive the award, Travis offered his appreciation: “I’m honored to win this award because since I started writing online in 2004 I’ve tried to embrace four key tenets in my work: be smart, be original, be funny, and be authentic. When you combine all four of those attributes I think you point towards one overarching theme — being fearless.”

“The reason why our radio show has worked is because it’s fearless in an era when many are fearful,” continued Travis. “I think audiences respond favorably, whether they agree or disagree, to someone who is saying what he believes every day for three hours on the air. So I’m excited to accept this award on behalf of our Outkick crew and Fox Sports Radio, whose leaders Don Martin and Scott Shapiro have embraced fearlessness more than anyone else in national sports radio. I think that’s a big reason why we’re winning.”

Bruno was ecstatic as well when told who had been chosen as the first recipient of the award: “Clay Travis is one of the few national voices who is unafraid to shoot straight from the hip with facts and opinions many dislike – especially in this charged world where even sports are intertwined with politics. In a climate where talent is overly controlled by management, Clay’s freedom, smarts and rise in our medium is testament to what I feel is “doing it right”.”

Due to a previously planned family vacation Travis will not be in attendance at the BSM Summit. However, accommodations are being made for him to address the room of attendees, and collect his new hardware.

A limited amount of tickets are still available for the 2019 BSM Summit on February 21-22, 2019 at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. Only media industry professionals are permitted to attend this event. For further details visit