Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Clanton Fired, Innes Suspended at Sports Talk 790

SportsTalk 790 in Houston has fired Adam Clanton and suspended Josh Innes. The reason though behind the decision is unclear.

Innes is no stranger to controversy. He got into a shouting match with Seth Payne of Sports Radio 610 at this year’s Radio Row. He was also fired by Sports Radio WIP after a series of on-air and online incidents.

According to the Houston Chronicle, issues developed between Clanton and Innes last Saturday, when Clanton retweeted Innes’ opinion of the Texans drafting J.J Watt in 2011. Innes then spent nine minutes on Monday’s show ripping Clanton and mocking him.

“My take was stupid,” said Innes. “J.J. Watt’s maybe the best defensive player of the last decade. It’s a stupid opinion. I acknowledge it was a dumb opinion from a 23-year-old dope.”

Innes’ on-air partner Jim Mudd followed up with, “And that’s the difference, you’re not denying you said this.”

That led to Innes adding “No. Well, I don’t work for the Texans. So I wasn’t bought off by a team and then randomly became the biggest fanboy ever. Funny how that works when people who talk a big game about being hard, right? That’s like, a big thing. [Innes then did an impression of Clanton] I put on for my city. In my leather jacket. I’m so hard. I’m like Fonz, but really hard, and not from that ass place Milwaukee. Terrible fans, worst fans ever.”

iHeartMedia Houston officials have yet to offer a public response. The afternoon show is expected to continue with Jayson Braddock and Sean Jones. Innes is expected to return to the morning show on Friday.

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