Mon. May 27th, 2019

Christmas Cards Can be Valuable Career Tools

I love Christmas time. It is without a doubt my favorite holiday. I like everything that comes along with it: Christmas music (it doesn’t get much better than Darlene Love’s “All Alone on Christmas”), decorations (You should see our December power bill), and giving presents (Yes, I do have a wrapping station in my house. Thank you for asking).

Today though, I want to talk about something that can get you in the Christmas spirit and benefit your career. Sending out Christmas cards can be a tedious process, but it can also be something that opens doors and builds better relationships that benefit your show.

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If you haven’t thought about this yet, it isn’t too late to put together a custom Christmas card. I use TinyPrints every year for our family card. You can also make your cards through a local print shop or even somewhere like Target. Hell, you’ve gotta go there for something anyway, right?

Take a picture of you in the studio, stage something a little bit silly, or put together a collage of the year’s best moments. It really doesn’t matter. You can even get custom cards made with holiday imagery and the show’s logo. The point is, it never hurts to put something physical together that you can put your signature on to say thank you to the people outside of the show that help make it a success.

So who gets these cards? Well, in my experience, there are four groups it never hurts to recognize this time of year.

  • CLIENTS – This is the obvious one, right? Product endorsements, benchmark and element sponsorships, or even just the business that airs spots on your show once an hour, they all help keep the show on the air. They probably have a hand in paying for whatever gifts you have to buy this year too. Make them feel appreciated and there’s a good chance they will be spending that same money on your show next year too.
  • REGULAR GUESTS – Your listeners are coming to your show for you. That cannot be overstated. But the regular guests are part of the show in their minds. Take some time to thank the athletes, coaches, writers, and anyone else who makes your show appointment listening for so many.
  • LOCAL TEAMS – The coaches and players may be the ones that get the headlines and show up on your air, but it is the PR folks, the media directors, and the SIDs that are really fueling your machine. Plus, those teams are generating so much of the content on your rundown each day. Take a moment to let them know that even if you aren’t always complimentary, you recognize that the local sports community is a small one and that it isn’t lost on you the value each member of the community has to each other.
  • YOUR MOST LOYAL LISTENERS – They might be the ones that respond to every Tweet or Instagram post you put up. They may be the prize pigs. Whoever they are, they are the ones singing your praises in the streets. Ask an intern or someone in the promotions department to track down their addresses and let them know how much their passion for your product means to you.

If your station sends out cards to clients, you might be tempted to ask for a few to send to the other groups I have mentioned on this list. That is fine, but it won’t have the emotional payoff that a card straight from you or your show will. That tells the recipient that he or she in particular is valued by you in particular. It is a much more personal connection.

You work hard during the year. I get that, and I am certainly not trying to add more to your plate than it can hold. I am trying to help you see the big picture. The show with clients, broadcast partners, and listeners singing its praises is the one management feels the most need to protect. Signing and addressing cards can be time consuming, but there is a payoff to it.

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“Tis the season of giving,” as they say. So, make it a season where you give recognition to those that give you content, loyalty, and in some cases, cash.