Thu. May 23rd, 2019

CBS Adds 2 AAF Games To Network Schedule

“The AAF has not been showcased on CBS since Week 1.”

It’s been a roller coast ride for AAF investors in the Spring league’s inaugural season, and fortunately for those involved there appears to be more ups than downs at this point.  

This week, CBS announced their grabbing two more Alliance games to put on a network stage.  The AAF has not been showcased on CBS since Week 1.  

The first of the two games promoted from CBS Sports Network to CBS will be the Memphis-San Antonio matchup up Saturday April 6th – the day of the Final Four National Semi games on CBS.  The AAF will kick off the long day of live sports at noon ET. 

The second game will be one of the conference title games on Sunday April 21.  TNT will handle the other conference championship.  The inaugural AAF championship game is still scheduled to air on CBS the following Saturday – April 27.