Sat. May 25th, 2019

BSMP1-7: Tom Lee & Dave Shore – Veteran Sports Radio PD’s

The 7th episode of the Barrett Sports Media Podcast features an in-depth discussion on the current state of sports radio. Two former programmers with experiences in multiple markets stop by to share their thoughts on everything from creating good content to social media engagement, ratings measurement, talent discovery, educating internal teams on the role of a program director, and more.

The two featured guests are Tom Lee, former PD for KJR in Seattle, WIP in Philadelphia, ESPN 103.3 in Dallas, and The Beast 980 in Los Angeles prior to it being sold. And Dave Shore, former PD of 99.9 The Fan and 620 The Buzz in Raleigh, Operations Manager for ESPN LA 710, Sports Director of ESPN 103.3 in Dallas, and PD of Detroit Sports 105.1 before Greater Media elected to flip the format.

In addition, BSM President Jason Barrett examines the importance of coaching, accountability, and self-improvement inside sports radio stations.


  • What the current state of sports radio looks like
  • The most important and exciting part of sports radio to a host and listener
  • How to help talent attack air time instead of filling it
  • The challenges of discovering and developing new and younger talent
  • Why programming opportunities are harder to land in 2017
  • Educating co-workers on what makes someone a good programmer
  • Sports Radio’s challenges of interacting and becoming experts at social media
  • Issues with Nielsen’s ratings system and what would help improve it
  • The problems radio faces as an industry due to keeping its ratings story discreet
  • Quick Hits – one great station, best market, growing, key skills, the future


Dave’s’ Twitter handle: @Dave_Shore

Tom’s Twitter handle: @TBLee1212

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