Sat. May 25th, 2019

BSMP4-5: Adam Schein – Mad Dog Sports Radio & CBS Sports

The big apple is where the 5th episode of Season 4 originates from. BSM President Jason Barrett ventures into New York City to sit down inside the SiriusXM studios with Adam Schein of Mad Dog Sports Radio and the CBS Sports Television Network.

Adam lends his insights and opinions on a variety of topics including what makes Syracuse a unique place for young broadcasters, when he first knew that he wanted to become an on-air talent, working for WFAN and then leaving for SiriusXM, what he’s aiming to accomplish each time he cracks the mic, the possibility of taking over for Mike Francesa, and much more.


  • When he first start listening to sports radio
  • Who he listened to and what drew him in
  • What makes Syracuse so special for broadcasters
  • His first official job and what it entailed
  • Getting a chance at WFAN and what his first shift was like
  • How Mark Chernoff and Eric Spitz helped him grow as a host
  • Saying goodbye to The Fan to join Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Starting with NFL Radio and then switching to Mad Dog Sports Radio
  • What Chris Russo is like behind the scenes
  • A look at his daily preparation and balancing work, family, and sleep
  • The most important elements a sports talk show host must have
  • The Mad Dog Sports Radio stigma of it sounding too NY
  • Social media feedback on opinions that take time to be answered
  • Being considered as a candidate to replace Mike Francesa
  • His reaction when he learned CMB were getting the nod
  • QUICK HITS: One noticeable change in Steve Cohen, Why he raises or lowers the volume when listening, the sports more likely to be featured in 10 years, The biggest differences between Francesa and Mad Dog, Who’d win in the ratings if Mad Dog Sports Radio was local and challenged WFAN


Adam’s Twitter handle: @AdamSchein