Tue. May 21st, 2019

BSMP4-4: Kyle Bailey – WFNZ

Charlotte’s afternoon sports voice Kyle Bailey checks in on the 4th episode of Season 4. Over the span of thirty plus minutes BSM President Jason Barrett dives into Kyle’s background in broadcasting, learning and appreciating the challenge of selling in smaller local markets, organizing content for an audience comprised of transplants and homegrown residents, the host-PD-GM relationship, and much more.


  • How he was drawn to sports radio and got his break
  • Where he got his start and what his early duties required
  • Moving his way up the ranks and taking on new tasks
  • Becoming a salesperson and whether or not he enjoyed it
  • The biggest sale he closed and why the client came on board
  • Moving to a few locations before eventually landing in Charlotte
  • How he’d describe WFNZ to someone who hasn’t heard it before
  • His approach to content when reaching different audiences
  • What he learned while working alongside Frank Garcia
  • Hosting a show with rotating co-hosts and guests
  • Being able to separate a few negatives from what everyone thinks
  • Avoiding the label of being a homer on a brand which has PXP rights
  • What he seeks when being managed by bosses
  • The areas he has to improve at with his bosses
  • Quick Hits: Good vs. Great hosts, Charlotte sports radio, Best host in the format, Who’s taught him most about radio


Kyle’s Twitter handle = @KyleBaileyWFNZ