Tue. May 21st, 2019

BSMP4-3: Chuck Oliver – 680 The Fan

We’re in Atlanta for episode 3 of Season 4 of the BSM Podcast. President Jason Barrett spends time chatting with 680 The Fan afternoon drive host and syndicated sports radio personality Chuck Oliver about the challenge of doing two different styled shows, earning acceptance from his peers after initially getting in the door by winning a contest, the rise and fall of 790 The Zone, preparation and show structure, and more.


  • How perfect timing led to his entry into sports radio
  • Gaining acceptance as a host as the guy who won a contest
  • Why buying in St. Louis led to 790 The Zone’s downfall
  • Who gave him the nickname “The King of College Football”
  • Making the jump to 680 The Fan and why he did it
  • Balancing preparation for two different type of shows each day
  • The growth of his syndicated show ‘Southern Sports Today’
  • What a typical day is like for Chuck & Chernoff
  • Why it’s important for stations to have fun between shows
  • Not allowing criticism and public noise to effect his approach
  • The reason he thinks Atlanta doesn’t get the respect it deserves
  • Having less of a concern over ratings and a focus on revenue
  • How he knows if things are working
  • Quick Hits: One pet peeve about sports radio, The local team winning which would excite the market most, One piece of advice to young broadcasters, Best Atlanta sports talk show host


Chuck’s Twitter handle: @KingCFB