Tue. May 21st, 2019

BSMP4-2: Vic Lombardi – Altitude Sports Radio 92.5

The 2nd conversation of Season 4 of the BSM Podcast takes place in Denver, Colorado where BSM President Jason Barrett visits with Altitude Sports Radio and TV personality Vic Lombardi. Vic reflects on the start of his career, working for different programmers, navigating criticism, having a presence around your local teams, and more.


  • What inspired him to want to pursue being a sports broadcaster
  • How he got his entry level introduction to the industry
  • The employer which gave him his first on-air break
  • Landing back in Denver after working elsewhere
  • Expanding his profile by adding radio to his TV work
  • How sports radio has changed in Denver over 20-30 years
  • Why ex-athletes in Denver have done well moving into the media
  • What he learned working for Tim Spence and Nate Lundy
  • The keys to a team show having consistent success
  • Enduring negative reactions over one of the NFL’s misfires
  • Succeeding in Denver if you’re not from the market
  • Why it’s important to get out regularly to cover local teams
  • Altitude’s decision to move to FM and why it matters
  • Discussing all of the market’s teams not just the Broncos
  • His first impressions of new program director Dave Tepper
  • Being fair and honest even if working for a team owned station
  • Quick Hits: Best/Worst Denver athletes to cover, Favorite local host to rib on social media, Best host in Denver, Nuggets or Rockies title


Vic’s Twitter handle: @VicLombardi