Tue. May 21st, 2019

BSMP4-1: Phil Mackey – SKOR North

On the debut episode of Season 4, BSM President Jason Barrett travels to Minneapolis to sit down with SKOR North’s Head of Content and afternoon drive co-host Phil Mackey. The discussion explores Phil’s entry into the sports radio industry, the growth of podcasting, ways to improve as a talent beyond sports radio, and much more.


  • How he got his start in the sports radio business
  • Getting into Minneapolis and working for KFAN
  • The changes at 1500 ESPN over the years
  • How podcasting has become a huge hit for his brand
  • Being active in social content creation
  • Why attending conferences has been beneficial to his growth
  • The value of working on your craft beyond the radio station
  • Making an on-air relationship work over a lengthy period of time
  • Quick Hits: MN sports Mount Rushmore, Best career advice, 5 Years from now how people will listen, Younger self wisdom


Phil’s Twitter handle: @PhilMackey