Sat. May 25th, 2019

BSMP3-6: Anthony Stalter – 101 ESPN

The sixth episode of Season 3 of the BSM Podcast features an in-studio discussion with 101 ESPN midday host Anthony Stalter. BSM President Jason Barrett talks to the St. Louis radio host about his broadcasting journey, the transition from behind the scenes to on the air, keeping a show consistent while a friend and teammate (Chris Duncan) battles thru health challenges, and more.


  • When he started listening to sports radio
  • Getting his start in the business in Detroit
  • How he wound up moving working in St. Louis
  • What colleagues would say about his producing skills
  • How his producing background helped him as a host
  • Moving from producer to Chris Duncan’s on-air partner
  • What helped their relationship grow as on-air teammates
  • Going thru challenges as Duncan battles health issues
  • Adjusting to rotating co-hosts while Duncan is away
  • How he weaves in sports gambling content into his show
  • Why he thinks listeners have formed a connection with 101 ESPN
  • Quick Hits: Best/Worst traits, Hosts to study, Producer advice, 2nd best STL host


Anthony’s Twitter handle: @AnthonyStalter