Sat. May 25th, 2019

BSMP3-5: Colin Dunlap – 93.7 The Fan

On the fifth episode of Season 3 of the BSM Podcast, Jason Barrett visits with 93.7 The Fan morning host Colin Dunlap. Colin reflects on his path to the Pittsburgh sports radio airwaves, the challenge of replacing Gregg Giannotti, the pros and cons of working with former athletes, what he learned from three experienced program directors, and shares how he tries to lead a normal life with his family despite his daughter battling cancer.


  • How he got sucked into the sports radio business
  • Which hosts he listened to prior to getting in the industry
  • The way 93.7 The Fan has developed over the years
  • When he started thinking about doing sports radio FT
  • The pressure of replacing Gregg Giannotti in mornings
  • When he began to feel like the morning show was his
  • Adjusting from hosting a 3-man show to 2-man show
  • The pros and cons of working with a former athlete
  • Finding joy in his radio career while his daughter battles cancer
  • How his family’s challenge has made the audience feel closer to him
  • Giving critical opinions of local athletes who have helped his family
  • Making the Pirates interesting despite a lack of household names
  • What helps make Penguins talk appealing to listeners in Pittsburgh
  • His thoughts on his 3 PD’s – Terry Foxx, Ryan Maguire and Jim Graci
  • If he’d alter his approach if local sports radio competition was stronger
  • The future of the sports radio business and why he’s not worried about it
  • What he enjoys and dislikes about being a personality on social media
  • How his show approaches talking about political subjects
  • Quick Hits: Unknown fact, Daughtry/Statham, Best advice, Best Pitt. host


Colin’s Twitter handle: @Colin_Dunlap