Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

BSMP3-3: Frank Garcia – 102.5/610 WFNZ

The third episode of Season 3 of the BSM Podcast includes a 25-minute discussion with former NFL offensive lineman and WFNZ afternoon drive personality and Charlotte sports radio veteran Frank Garcia. This conversation took place in person inside the WFNZ studios and covers a wide array of topics including how Frank got started in the business, the toughest adjustments going from playing sports to talking about it, what he learned good and bad while working with different partners, how he handled initial complaints from his former teammates and teams, what advice he has for Jason Witten as he transitions into the Monday Night Football booth, and much more.

In the BSM 180, Jason focuses on reacting to a few points Clay Travis raised during an interview with The Big Lead. Key points discussed include audience engagement vs. audience size, charging for podcasts vs. keeping them free, and becoming an authority figure in a space where you have a chance of standing out.


  • Growing up in Phoenix and who he watched or listened to
  • When he began thinking about a career after the NFL
  • How he viewed interacting with the media during his career
  • Discovering an interest in doing radio and wanting to do more
  • Being thrown into the fire without professional broadcast training
  • Handling critical feedback from his former team and teammates
  • How he navigated difficult situations with players and team officials
  • When he became comfortable and unafraid of pissing people off
  • Advice for Jason Witten joining the Monday Night Football booth
  • What makes his turn the volume up on a sports radio show
  • What makes him turn the volume down on a sports radio show
  • The things he learned while working with Mark Packer
  • How he blended working alongside Brentson Buckner
  • Hosting a show with former teammate Mushin Muhammad
  • Working with Mark Yarbrough and how his role changed with him
  • Teaming up with Kyle Bailey and how he knew it would work
  • The differences between PD’s D.J. Stout and Tony DiGiacomo
  • Quick Hits: Best athlete on TV, successful shows, desserts, Top 13 in 2017


Frank’s Twitter handle: @FrankGarcia65

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