Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

BSMP2-6: Jay Mariotti – The Unmuted Podcast

Episode 6 of Season 2 features a 60+ minute in-depth conversation with radio host, columnist and national television personality Jay Mariotti. This discussion covers a number of topics including Jay’s belief of ESPN trying to influence others not to hire him, the challenges he’s endured due to domestic allegations, his battles with Chicago sports personalities, attempts from ESPN 1000 to censor him, difficulties with the Chicago Sun-Times, public spats with Scott Van Pelt, and much more.


  • Becoming a target of the media and how it’s hurt his career
  • Why he feels the sports media has had an agenda against him
  • Troubles with ESPN and the Chicago Sun-Times and how its hurt him
  • Being in an abusive relationship and what happened in 2010
  • How he feels when others say he hasn’t apologized or been contrite
  • Disputing ESPN being able to influence Entercom’s hiring decisions
  • The way the newspaper business has changed and the future of print
  • What he thinks of groups like The Athletic and their business model
  • Public spats on social media with Scott Van Pelt and how they started
  • His opinion on ESPN’s TV programs and ideas he’d pursue to improve it
  • What he likes about FOX Sports 1 and what their biggest challenges are
  • The future of podcasting and why it’s an attractive medium to him
  • Whether or not he has interest in making a switch over to News/Talk
  • His view on Donald Trump using social media to control his message
  • Why he kept his distance from people he covered and worked with
  • A final message for hiring managers and hoping to find a good fit


Jay’s Twitter handle: @MariottiSports

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